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I think that it is utterly amazing that I manage to find this little community and lo and behold, one of my friends is already a member. ::shrug::

Darkness. Nightmares are one thing, but daymares just shouldn't be. They don't play by the rules. When the sun rises you are safe. Once the alarm rings in the morning you are protected until you turn the lights off again and reset the infernal little beeping machine. There is nothing to save you from a daymare, no alarm clock to snap you out of it. Nothing to take your mind off of the terror and tremors. There comes a point where all of the self control and tears will not push the terror back into the darkness.A point where it spills out into the rest of your life. What is worse, is knowing why. Why you have the nightmares and why you have the daymares.... but until now you were able to keep them in the dark were they belong. What do you do when the dreams become more of a reality than you are? Where is that line where this life and that one meet and mix? Are we really here, or are we in someone elses dream. I don't know. But if we are.... can I be your dream?

sorry, but I try to write somethine, anything everyday, and I decided to type it here instead of into my silly little book :)

So, hello everyone, I'm new.
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