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Joint Efforts- Volume 1

So Walkabout and I decided on IM to write together, each of us taking a line. To start there are three of these joint efforts to share.... there may be more...

XPixieFeathersX (7:58:09 PM): Why is it that everytime I close my eyes....
j4b3rw0x (7:58:58 PM): ...I feel as if I'm falling in space, searching for someone?
XPixieFeathersX (7:59:31 PM): Probably because I am, I supose.
j4b3rw0x (8:00:39 PM): I have been for years, though I don't always realize it.
XPixieFeathersX (8:01:54 PM): It's like you don't always remember that hideous scar, until some child points and asks their mother why you are so ugly. It's easy to forget one is alone until reminded of it.
j4b3rw0x (8:03:34 PM): And even when you're not alone, you feel it, knawing inside you and making the world a little less colorful, the laughter a little less real, happiness just a little further away.
XPixieFeathersX (8:04:47 PM): Because alone is a relative term.
j4b3rw0x (8:05:56 PM): And sometimes it's not enough to just be with people; sometimes it has to be one person.
XPixieFeathersX (8:06:59 PM): I'm not talking soul mate here folks, just someone.... special, as corny as that may sound.
j4b3rw0x (8:08:24 PM): Someone to walk next to you, take you at face value, trust you to accept them without reservation.
XPixieFeathersX (8:09:13 PM): Someone you can fall on your ass in front of, and sure, they might laugh, but you know it will be with you, and not at you.
j4b3rw0x (8:11:00 PM): Someone you can flirt with and mean it and know that all the games and bullshit are left bahind when you look into each other's eyes.
XPixieFeathersX (8:11:40 PM): Maybe that's why I did it. No excuses, but I can't help but wonder how much the lonliness attributed....
j4b3rw0x (8:15:27 PM): ...but then, no excuse was ever needed with us. Apologies were for other people.
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