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The light flickers and in another moment, the dimness of the world encompasses me. The artifical glow of street lamps and house lights yield no comfort. I am alone. The winds screech, beings lost in this fast paced, uncaring world. Carbon clouds settle comfortably around the moon, shielding its guiding light. I am lost.

The streets are filled with throngs of people, faceless strangers, people that are not worth knowing. Everyone is the same; he is concerned with only himself, his pleasure and nothing more. It didn't realized until countless nights had passed, where I had fed those until they became satiatiated and had gotten nothing in return. Or had I? Had I sucked their souls clean until they became nothing more than weak whisps or angry cyclones depending upon their determination to reclaim their lives? Is this why I feel empty?

I thirst more for that human sustanance causing my soul to become more tainted. Somehow I always yearn for more. Are there enough souls to quench this seemingly unsatiable taste for pain and suffering? I steal hearts just as the being that once owned it failed miserably to do... My sole goals consist of the conquer, the destruction and the search.

The endless darkness grows deeper and becomes engrained in each fiber. There are no more lights in this world I know. There is no such thing as trust nor good will... Yet another light flickers. Corruption or hope?
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