The Will (walkabout) wrote in phalyn,
The Will

Joint Effort Volume 2

Part two in my writing endeavors with WingedNothing. My turn to start this time.

j4b3rw0x (8:20:57 PM): Though no one would ever believe it, he had always been a protector...
XPixieFeathersX (8:22:14 PM): somewhere in his heart, all he wanted was to be that knight in shiny armor on a white horse... on second thought, scratch the white horse. A rather large broad sword would be enough for him.
j4b3rw0x (8:23:34 PM): All he wanted was to feel that he could serve something greater than he.
XPixieFeathersX (8:24:48 PM): Unfortunatly, in this modern nest of apathy and small mindedness, it was hard to find anything worth fighting for.
j4b3rw0x (8:26:27 PM): And he was painfully aware of just how fine the line was that he walked, between his hope for worth and his contempt for the world around him.
XPixieFeathersX (8:28:10 PM): Herman Hesse would have dubbed him a Steppenwolf, a wolf of the steppes come to live amoung the middle class, fighting between his contempt for the bourguios attitudes that pervaded and his need to find a worth in that world.

j4b3rw0x (8:29:49 PM): But usually, he tried not to think, focusing his feelings, his instincts, on what was around him.
XPixieFeathersX (8:30:47 PM): Those intsints lead him to many a strange place indeed.
j4b3rw0x (8:31:29 PM): And, more than that, to strange people, people who both confounded and excited him.
XPixieFeathersX (8:34:13 PM): Sometimes the spiritual scent of a person is enough to make even the mundane sit up and pnder for a moment before going on with their busy little lives. And for someone like our wolf....
j4b3rw0x (8:35:20 PM): was like a call across a vast wilderness, maybe not even another wolf cry, but the shared voice was one that he had to answer.
XPixieFeathersX (8:37:22 PM): And so he ran, following that voice on the wind, that spiritual scent that drew him. Onward, onward away from known territory... just to find that voice.
j4b3rw0x (8:38:22 PM): And when he found it, he'd found that it belonged not to someone in need of protection, but someone who could feel the same ache for something more than the world as it was.
XPixieFeathersX (8:39:44 PM): No knight was needed this time. He could take off the armour that for so long had served a dual purpose.
j4b3rw0x (8:40:33 PM): His armor was protection and prison; here, he could be himself, free from fear of chasing away those he cared about.
XPixieFeathersX (8:41:03 PM): He couldn't chase her away.... after all, it was he who came to find her.
j4b3rw0x (8:41:54 PM): And, though he hated to test her so, he held nothing back. But neither did she. And because of that, he loved her.
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