Stuart (mishlof) wrote in phalyn,

Tears in the Rain ... Screams in the thunder.

Rage unfocused.
Anger unjustified.
Hate swelling.
Sadness flowing.
Energy Draining.
Silence golden.

We are creatures caged in someone else's dream. It works for 80% of the population with no room for the 20%, unless your rich or can mold yourself into society. Emotion drives our very needs our true nature, it's a beast that needs to be fueled. A panther's growl held back by mortality's constraints. loose the beast and become a drone, loose the constraints and become a savage.

Chains tighten, knives cut, blood pools.

Oh damnation to do, yet damnation to refuse. Do the right thing follow the beast, but to do so makes you just another slave to a new master. There is no true free will, only an illusion to maintain sanity. You do what you want to do, only if you can book the time around your prison. Everyone is a slave, but who is your master, the Beast or Society?

Cheaper than therapy Book One.
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